Located in the Republic of Panama, at the Gulf of Punta Chame on the Pacific Ocean, Taborcillo island is 23 miles away of Panama City and only 3 miles from the fisher village of Punta Chame which is a growing beach community on the Panamanian Pacific Ocean side.

Geographic coordinates:

The island is 1 hour away from Panama City by boat and only 10 minutes away from Punta Chame by a small boat called Panga The distance between Panama City to Punta Chame is 102 km by road which will take an esMmated drive of 1 and ½ hour or a 12 minutes helicopter ride. From the beach of Taborcillo you can see Punta Chame and also see- in the distance- the skyline of Panama City – 8°40ʹ20″N 79°44ʹ39″O

Taborcillo Island is also known as “The John Wayne Island”. This well-known actor was the owner of the island in the seventies until he died. The old fishermen of the area still remember the big “gringo” from Hollywood who used to spend some Mme at the island and fishing in the area.

The property has 20 hectares titled ( 44 acres ) and a circumference of 4 kilometers of white and yellow sand beach.

The vegetation is a tropical dry forest with trees and bushes. The east part of the island has an area covered by cactus ( approx. 2 hectares ) which is declared as a “bird sanctuary”, due to the fact that many seabirds and others use this area to build their nests and raise their fledglings. The Smithsonian InsMtute and the Audubon Society have some extensive bird watching studies of the Island.

The island currently only has building structures, which were previously the hotel and facilities.

Here some current pictures.

Sale Price Taborcillo Island US$ 12,000,000.00


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